Wellness Hub to be Established

A second meeting for the Natural Health Centre was held on Tuesday 12th April in Warkworth.

Eight people attended this meeting with apologies from two other people.

The discussion was  on what the centre would look like, what it would be called and how will it operate.

Having regards for the mental state of many people, particularly as vaccinated people realise what has been done to them, it was decided that a soft approach in a nonthreatening environment would be the best way to present this to the public.

It was decided that this would be best achieved by starting a café type environment where people could go to chat but also have people available to talk to and information available for any specific questions. Basically, give the people to ability to simply come and talk over tea and scones with some volunteers available to chat and listen.

As a name it was agreed that the “Wellness Hub” would be the preferred name for the centre, less formal than Natural Health Centre, though that is what this would become. The analogy of a wagon wheel, a circle encompassing all aspects of health with all the different modalities being the spokes and the centre hub the meeting point for them all. In the future this could be associated with some rooms available for consultations.

It was decided to create a website which has as its central focus the Wellness Hub. There would also be pages where practitioners could offer their services.

Alexander will investigate the possibility of obtaining a facility in Warkworth to use as a Cafe and talk to persons he is working with to obtain coffee from PNG, barista machines, and other paraphernalia needed to run a café.

A further suggestion was to run a Natural Health Expo. Apparently one was in the process of happening until the lockdowns stopped it, but it was felt that it could be reinstated. It was suggested that the Southgate Room in which the meeting is being held could be a suitable venue.

In order to facilitate the exchange of information amongst the organisers it was decided to create a private group on Telegram. That has been done and invite links will be sent out to all people who had attended meetings. Please do not put the invite link out publically.

It was decided to meet again on Tuesday 26th of April at 6:00pm. Same venue.


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