Natural Health Centre Meeting

An Inaugural meeting was held on Tuesday 29th March in Warkworth.

Eight people attended this initial meeting providing eight different modalities.

The discussion centred around two themes.

  1. Is it beneficial to the Natural Health community to have a centre in Warkworth where all the different modalities can be accessed?
  2. Would it be possible to carry out testing and diagnosis for people who are compromised and then develop a protocol to treat the condition or detox the body?

The first proposition was unanimously agreed on though the form this may take engendered different opinions.  It was felt that this needs to be kept simple without too much interference in the form of regulatory control. Most if not all practitioners have a facility, often at their home, where they can meet clients so a physical location is probably not necessary. It may become useful further down track but for now a website is probably all that’s needed. Also, that is relatively simple to produce.

The second proposition would take more effort, and would require a physical location and some research to find out what others are already doing in this regard.
Alexander will go back to NZDSOS and discuss what they are doing and what resources may be available to us.

It is requested that everyone take a look within their own field and see what is available through their contacts  and find out what others are doing.

Alexander reiterated that this endeavour is a Mahurangi District wide initiative and the intent with everything we are doing is to provide a model for other districts to follow.

It was decided to meet again on Tuesday 12th of April at 6:00pm. Same venue.


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