Mahurangi District Council Update for May 2022

The following items on the agenda are under action by the Council.

Council Trust Deed Document:
This is the preparation of a Common Law Trust Deed document which formalises the operation of the Mahurangi District Council, its roles and responsibilities. The draft is underway however we need some assistance from a person or persons knowledgeable in Common Law and in Corporate Trust Law. The latter to make sure we don’t inadvertently use any legalese wording.

Natural Health Centre:
This is well underway since the first meeting in April. The Health Expo has been resurrected, it was previously cancelled a couple of times because of lockdowns. Planning is now for July 9th in the Town Hall. Look out for more info in the weeks ahead.
The Wellness Hub, a relaxed café environment is in the planning. We have a rural location close to Warkworth, now all we need is a structure to house the Hub. Probably a couple of portacabins joined together would give us both the portability and room we need.
Anyone that can help with the build / development would be appreciated. Also some sponsorship towards the construction would be gratefully accepted.

Mahurangi Messenger:
This independent newspaper in online format is now established at A print version is planned for the future.
Please contact to submit informative articles, events and advertising.

Mahurangi Barter Tokens:
The barter tokens system is for use in two ways, first as a means of bartering for goods, the second for providing services based on an hourly rate. The design of these tokens is well underway and the process for distribution is being finalised. The plan is to issue all those who join up a yet to be decided amount of tokens for the cost of printing. Additional tokens can be purchased or the Mahurangi Council, as the issuing authority, will provide tokens in exchange for any pre-arranged public works.

CB Radio Communications Network:
This initiative is to provide a means of widely communicating across the District. We will use the AM band because that give us the greatest range. We would like a number of people who have properties that are high up in rural areas with a good view of the surrounding country. These people would volunteer to be a relay station and will fit out their home with a high power system and roof mounted antenna. Range 20-30Km.

Community Gardens:
The first community garden using Hugelkulture was initiated independently and is well underway with the Community Garden area ready for planting and plots being prepared by individuals or families. It is hoped to expand this, and other methodologies, across the District.

Conveyance Licences:
The design of a licence to operate a conveyance is underway and when ready will be issued to anyone with a valid New Zealand drivers licence at cost of printing only. This will be a lifetime licence, photo ID, with the requirement to update the photo at cost of printing every ten years.

Conveyance Registration:
This is simply the recording of the ownership of a means of conveyance, be it a car, boat, motorbike or tractor. We are investigating the production of a number plate, appropriate for the conveyance. It will have a unique alpha numeric number and the letters “MHR” on the left side to designate Mahurangi District. The Record of Ownership will be available NZ wide and each District will have its own three letter code.

Biofuel Engine:
Initial discussion have been held with a South Auckland inventor who has a two stroke flat four engine to his own design which is incredibly powerful for its small size. The biggest plus is that it could be run on biofuels or home-made alcohol. This motor can be fitted in older cars that don’t have electronics to lock doors etc. or it can be static as a generator or marine in small boats.

Pirate Radio Station:
Initial discussions have been held to start a pirate radio station along the lines of Radio Hauraki. For those that do not know, in 1966 Radio Hauraki started broadcasting from a ship outside the NZ twelve mile limit to overcome radio licencing laws. Today we have an issue of free speech so the originators of the idea are planning to mimic Radio Hauraki. We are supporting them with expertise and organisational planning, proposing an internet radio station to start with while support for a ship is canvassed so the broadcast can go to air.

Council Members:
The Council currently has five members and is looking for another four. Preferably people from the general areas of Mahurangi West / Puhoi, Snell’s Beach, Leigh and Wellsford. The areas we need to cover are portfolios for Construction, Defence, Education, Energy, Environment, Health, Housing, Justice, Manufacturing, Primary Production, Transport.
All appointments are interim until elections can be held.


The following items are relevant but not directly under the Council.

The People’s Jurisdiction:
This needs greater promotion and explanation to help with understanding of the role of the Council and its relationship to governance and ultimately to the people. It is interesting that New Zealand is already divided up into Hundreds, just like the governance in Britain until somewhere around the seventeeth century the corrupt electoral system took over from the people’s governance by Hundreds.
In NZ we have the ‘Meshblock’ which is the division of the country into units of nominally thirty households (in other words, a Hundred). This is mainly for the purpose of census analysis by the Department of Statistics, but it fits nicely into what we want to achieve with the People’s Jurisdiction.

The NZ Constitution website is looking for help from people in the WordPress development, graphic art and marketing professions. If interested please email

New Zealand Common Law Court of Justice.
This organisation is looking for people with an understanding of Common Law (CL) and how to apply it. People are needed at all levels, from Constables and Sheriffs to a Chief Justice for the District. All appointments are interim until elections can be held. If interested please email

This roundup will be posted at the end of each month.

Interim Governor, Mahurangi District

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