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Mahurangi Attestations

Please Attest to the Mahurangi Declaration. The power of a system of governance does not reside in a title.I was a Naval Officer, I held rank and a Queens Commission as a Commanding Officer of a New Zealand Navy ship.But I did not own my own...

Calling All Healers in the District

Calling All Healers in the District. I would like anyone qualified in natural healing modalities to contactme at mahurangi@districts.nzconstitution.orgI want to establish a centre for healing in Warkworth and, if possible,a centre for diagnosis of harm levels in...

Sheriff Required

Call for a Sheriff and Deputies for the Mahurangi District. Mahurangi District is seeking to appoint a Sheriff for the District.The Sheriff should have some knowledge of Common Law, have police or military training, and be willing and able to serve the people of...


This page is for the Lawfully Appointed Interim Governor of Mahurangi District so that he can keep the residents of the district informed as to the progress of the moving of the governance of the district from the Corporate Law, the law of Governments and Councils, to...


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