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This page is for the Lawfully Appointed Interim Governor of Mahurangi District so that he can keep the residents of the district informed as to the progress of the moving of the governance of the district from the Corporate Law, the law of Governments and Councils, to...

Natural Health Centre

The Health and Wellness Expo held on Saturday 9th of July at the Warkworth Town Hall was a resounding success. Over 350 people came through the Expo and awareness around Natural Health modalities was raised high in the community. The energy and buzz around the Town...

Mahurangi Exchange

Description of the Barter Card / Token system for exchange in the Mahurangi District. This is still subject to change depending on the feedback we get from people in the community. If you have any comments or questions please email  PDF File:...

Mahurangi District Council May Update

Mahurangi District Council Update for May 2022 The following items on the agenda are under action by the Council. Council Trust Deed Document:This is the preparation of a Common Law Trust Deed document which formalises the operation of the Mahurangi District Council,...

Living Man Declaration

Living Man Declarations Available. The New Zealand Common Law Court of Justice now have Living Man or Living Woman Declarations available on the website You may record your legal fiction birth certificate with the NZ Common Law Court and receive a...

Mahurangi District Council Formed

Mahurangi District Council Formed. Five people have confirmed their commitment to being interim Council Members, three women and two men with one man yet to confirm. Including myself that's will be seven people on the Council. This process is about creating the...

Wellness Hub to be Established

Wellness Hub to be Established A second meeting for the Natural Health Centre was held on Tuesday 12th April in Warkworth. Eight people attended this meeting with apologies from two other people. The discussion was  on what the centre would look like, what it would be...

Natural Health Centre Meeting

Natural Health Centre Meeting An Inaugural meeting was held on Tuesday 29th March in Warkworth. Eight people attended this initial meeting providing eight different modalities. The discussion centred around two themes. Is it beneficial to the Natural Health community...

Not a Political Party.

The People's Jurisdiction - A Political Party? Just to clarify a question I have been asked as to whether The People's Jurisdiction / Mana Hapu is a political party? The answer is a resounding NO! It is a system of governance first for the Districts which will all be...

District Council Formation

Nominations for a Mahurangi District Council. In order to move forward with the local area governance we need to form a District Council. At this stage I would like at least four people who are prepared to meet in Warkworth on a regular basis (say monthly) to give...


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